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The wide and wonderful world of Web2Print can be confusing, changeable and scary. Learn from my experiences all about how to deal with customer issues, technical challenges and sales woes, whilst also tackling the marketing and communications side of the business.

Impressions and Notes from FESPA Berlin, 14th – 17th May, 2018

It is now officially Summer, folks, where the warm smell of ink toner and press grease meld together to form that special scent that any printer can pick out from a thousand yards. But...

Tales from the Coalface: Adding Value, Part 3 – Client Control

This third tale, once more brought to you directly from the coalface, follows on from the previous TftC editions and covers shepherding your customer through difficult decisions, helping them formulate their own...

Tales from the Coalface: Adding Value, Part 2

Following on from the previous TftC, I’d like to talk some more about how to add value to your interactions with your potential Web2Print customers. This time, I’d like to talk about...

Web2Print: Supplier Savings to Benefit Your Customers

In this week’s blog, I talk about the cost factors that relate to printing for businesses who aren’t part of the Print Industry and offer some advice about introducing these clients to a proper Web2Print platform.

Overcoming Common Challenges – The Webinar Down Under

While everyone else in England was likely asleep, early on Thursday morning I had the privilege of guesting on an EFI Australia webinar with the redoubtable Patrick Howard, industry luminary and print veteran.

How Effective is Your Post-COVID Strategy?

The Long-Long-Ago… Are we really at a point where a mere three years ago have become “in the old days”? It seems so, because most...

Don’t go OTT on your ROI!

With the onset of summer and the downtime of print conferences, I like to do personal round-ups for my own use, so we can plan ahead for the next year. This year, my notes...

Out of Date, Out of Sight – Out of Pocket

When your average Web2Print platform runs anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000, I confess that it can make me quite emotional to discover new adopters who have let theirs lie basically untouched for so long.

Web2Print: The Difference Between a Portal and a WebShop.

This week I talk about webshops and web-portals, the difference between the two kinds of sites and which one is right for you!

Tales from the Coalface: Adding Value.

Within the Web2Print world, there are a variety of ways one can add value for a customer – particularly if they are still considering the benefits of purchasing. You want them to accelerate their decision process, of course, but without pestering them or being overbearing, which can lose the entire sale.