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How I stopped worrying and learned to love… my customers!

This webinar will be hosted on the 19th of August. The pre-registration will start from the 12th of August

Does your business truly add anything of real value to your customers?

The next webinar will be hosted on the 15th of July. The pre-registrations are open here.

I don’t need Web2Print because my customers have never asked for it!

In this first session, Ali Jaffar debunks the myth that printers don’t need Web2Print by revealing his secret past as someone who once felt the same way! Sharing the experiences from his...

A Printer’s Guide to Surviving the Quarantine Period

“Cats and dogs, living together, mass hysteria!” Peter Venkman really knew how to sum up a situation. Corona isn’t on the same level as a supernatural takeover of a...

Out of Date, Out of Sight – Out of Pocket

When your average Web2Print platform runs anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000, I confess that it can make me quite emotional to discover new adopters who have let theirs lie basically untouched for so long.

“I don’t need Web2Print and neither do my customers!”

Every now and then, I encounter an objection raised by my fellow print companies that is so entirely unexpected, its very peculiarity creates its own challenge. In this instance, the...

EFI delivers end-to-end online solutions

As a result of a lot of hard work and dedication by the Syncoms team, I take quite a bit of personal satisfaction in sharing this article, outlining the transformation of the Impact Digital eCommerce site. First published in the July/August 2019 edition of Australian Printer, this describes how Impact Digital was able to more easily engage with their clients with the assistance of Syncoms’ cutting-edge MDSF technology and customisation techniques, fully and effectively maximising their Web2Print Investment.

EFI Webinar Hosted by Ali Jaffar

Web2Print technology has the potential to completely revolutionise your business. Join our webinar and hear our guest presenter, Ali Jaffar share some of the secrets that he’s used to turn Syncoms into...

Don’t go OTT on your ROI!

With the onset of summer and the downtime of print conferences, I like to do personal round-ups for my own use, so we can plan ahead for the next year. This year, my notes...

Tales from the Coalface: Adding Value, Part 3 – Client Control

This third tale, once more brought to you directly from the coalface, follows on from the previous TftC editions and covers shepherding your customer through difficult decisions, helping them formulate their own...

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