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The wide and wonderful world of Web2Print can be confusing, changeable and scary. Learn from my experiences all about how to deal with customer issues, technical challenges and sales woes, whilst also tackling the marketing and communications side of the business.

Impressions and Notes from FESPA Berlin, 14th – 17th May, 2018

It is now officially Summer, folks, where the warm smell of ink toner and press grease meld together to form that special scent that any printer can pick out from a thousand yards. But...

Impressions and Notes from EFI Connect, 23rd – 26th January 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers! Here is an update about my recent trip to Las Vegas for the EFI Connect conference, where I presented three separate sessions and gave many impromptu talks about the wonders of Web2Print. Can’t wait for the next one!

Web2Print: Tips for Sales Teams Struggling with Customers

Last blog was an attempt to offer advice to sales managers – this time, the focus is on the front-line itself: The sales team. If you’ve been struggling with opening or closing web2print sales, I hope this week’s blog can go some way towards helping you with this.

Web2Print: Tips for Sales Directors Struggling with Sales Crews

This week, I give key pieces of advice for sales managers and directors regarding retaining customers and helping clients break into the world of web2print, while still maintaining best practice for account management and retention.

Web2Print: Should You Charge Customers To Use Your Platform?

You’ve done all this work, created this fantastic customisation for your end users… Should you charge them to use your web2print platform? Or do you take a chance and give it away for free? I help you understand the decisions to be decided when making this choice!

Web2Print: The Difference Between a Portal and a WebShop.

This week I talk about webshops and web-portals, the difference between the two kinds of sites and which one is right for you!

Web2Print – Cost-Effectiveness for both You and your Customers

Everything is risky. How do you ameliorate that risk for your end users, using techniques from risk management schools of thought?

Web2Print: Complexity Through Simplicity

A quick guide to perfecting the most commonly complained-about elements of a Web2Print platform, as gathered directly from my customers.

Web2Print: Supplier Savings to Benefit Your Customers

In this week’s blog, I talk about the cost factors that relate to printing for businesses who aren’t part of the Print Industry and offer some advice about introducing these clients to a proper Web2Print platform.

Web2Print: A Long-Term Commitment Between You and Your End Users

A relationship between you and your Web2Print customer is just like a marriage. No, really – stay with me, here. There’s give and take. You have to be honest with your...

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