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Web2Print: Complexity Through Simplicity

A quick guide to perfecting the most commonly complained-about elements of a Web2Print platform, as gathered directly from my customers.

Web2Print: Supplier Savings to Benefit Your Customers

In this week’s blog, I talk about the cost factors that relate to printing for businesses who aren’t part of the Print Industry and offer some advice about introducing these clients to a proper Web2Print platform.

Web2Print: A Long-Term Commitment Between You and Your End Users

A relationship between you and your Web2Print customer is just like a marriage. No, really – stay with me, here. There’s give and take. You have to be honest with your...

Web2Print and Marketing Automation


Web2Print: Forcing Efficiency on your Customers

Why your customers would love a Web2Print platform and reasons to nudge them into using one – I speak from the clients’ point of view to offer an understanding of their objections and how to overcome them.

Print Week Article – Speed specialists supply the want-it-now generation

I contribute to an article in which Jon Severs talks about the trend towards last-minute print ordering, the shorter and shorter turn-arounds expected by today’s customers and the challenges it poses for bespoke printers.

Create a romantic haven in your home this Valentine’s Day

Writing for Time4Sleep.co.uk, Jonathan Warren shares some ideas for custom gifts for loved ones for Valentine’s Day, one of which is a suggestion by me for printed canvases and the memories they preserve.

Preparing for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day

Inside Retail interviewed me about ideas for gifting to our loved ones on their appreciation days, offering advice to retailers and manufacturers about planning for this busy season.

Print Week Article – Do print industry standards stand up to the test?

Does the adherence to industry standards necessarily imply high-quality printing? John Severs discusses this and other ISO-related subjects with me and other luminaries of the print industry.

Print Week Article – The speed demons who race against the clock

Print Week talks to various industry figures, including me, about three hour print fulfilments, maintaining quality standards and the challenge of working with London’s wonderful traffic congestion.

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